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To share what you love II

Wed May 28, 2014, 4:12 PM

Hey everyone,

A little while ago I posted an art feature called To share what you love, because it had been a long time since I had done a feature just for the heck of it, filled with works I love, unaffiliated with any of the groups I'm an admin of, or any other specific purpose for the DA community. I figured I would do another one, just to share some amazing work that I love. So here it goes:

Love by duongquocdinh Pink Rose Ring by FayeValentineJewelry
Lindsey Stirling - Shatter Me by TwilightSaphir Whore door, Whore Door! by jhoneil Up to the gate by Fleret Bonaparte by PASTELIZATOR
time is now by Luckyten its all over now, baby blue by CassieKilledHerself snowdrop by Hongmin
The first chime'Where am I?', the little girl wonders as she stumbles through the empty halls, which are painted in the same pristine white as her dress. Within her mind, echoes of screams and cries resound and she cowers in pain, as a few people hastily come running, pushing a stretcher, yelling things she cannot seem to understand.
They whiz past her, almost running her over with the stretcher.
She opens her mouth to scream, but nobody seems to care and as they disappear in the distance, so does every other sound except for the monotone buzzing of the lighting.
'What happened to me?', shoots through the mind of the little girl, as she looks at her tiny, pale hands, when a voice makes her jump, but even though she tries, she cannot make a sound.
"Are you lost, little girl?", the voice asks. It is a hoarse, but gentle voice.
The girl turns around and looks into the face of an elderly man, on whose skin life has left its traces. His eyes are filled with a sad kindness, the IV at his side softly drippi
  RestfulLeaves tread upon crypts.
Restful oceans; tender grass.
Safeguarded pathways.
Nothing Pure Shall FadeSunshine forever falls
despite night's misty shawl.
Sweet-springs that constant drain
are filled with summer's rain.
And flowers, blooms subdued
from winter's frigid mood,
in spring are quick remade.
Nothing pure shall fade.

Sunny Darya by RavenaJuliart Gypsy soul v.1 by bwaworga Madoka Kaname cosplay by Kawaielli
Two In A Row I by Glenn-Crouch Five Umbrellas - Oil Painting by CharltonArt Sauvage by anaispopy
| Breathe | by heilei Souffle Tes Bougies mon ange by siamesesam Sweet blush first step by Amytea
After The Rain by kristianna11 a breath of fresh air by fb101 6632 by LilifIlane Spider on its web by Ashiwa666
The Guardian Of The Pillar by Shue13 Who we are by dorolain
coverlet by all17 The Flames Are Known To Our Dead by MarsiaMS Little Stars by Thinking-Silence
Still Life1 by HessamNM Val d'Orcia cow /Tuscany by JPawlak
Light Nebula System by xXKonanandPain To Sacrifice My Whole Life by IndiexChild
long pleasure by Aledgan Owl by eleanor-tomlinson ARMIN by Faiell
Blue Sky and Black Tear choker by Dark-Lioncourt Le Vent Nous Portera by Metide The Fog by TaraLundriganPhoto
...No dawn, no day, I'm always in this twilight... by PatiMakowskaThe glance..oils by xxaihxxJune by ilona-veresk
dream sequence by Enaston square 18 by Mo-Photographer Joys Of Emptiness by Fledermausland
Paris Kiss by endegor Zaluzje by IwonaEs Back to Black by Miss-Madria
 sense of touch* by AlicjaRodzik Nudelsuppe by Temr
 The Flight of the Phoenix by eReSaW tears dont fall by NanFe A little life by Alexax13
Anna Zabolotskaya by cbyn Taiwan : New Moon bridge by jerry6980 Surrounded by Beauty  Olimpos by KashinoRei
Shatter Me by N-Maulina Shingen Empire vs United Republic by Shue13
Mara by polaus Dancing in the Shadows by agimus Evenstar by anez-erynlis
 Part of Your World by pangketepang En Lodden Affaere II by simplearts BluPu by SheilaBrinson
Memento Mori by Cittyship Calling the ghosts by EbruSidarPortrait Fragile by Tekslus
Starry Night Over the Rhone Dress by KatKatDreamer95 Art Deko - Steampunk Korsett  - Black Lotus by Aetherwerk Roses by MKhankova
Stargazer by Brant35 Canopy Romp by Lansay Dawn, San Francisco Bay Bridge by TahaElraaid
Toukka by juhku MTW24 by Enkased Heavenly Drop by KayleighEchelon
Before leaving by Songes-et-crayons Mouse by cowli Spring Red Apple Sliced Earrings Handmade by LaNostalgie05
butterflies by Anna1Anna Julia by aufzehengehen Photo: Yana Gallis by Lilta-photo
Plush by shauntiamodel In the moment by strangeposse We heard you coming by Fiction69
Mermaid's Treasure by MayumiOgihara Faith over Fear Cross on back of neck (2) by Ashtonbkeje Sea Locket 3 by VintageLightJewelry
Path to anywhere by SamVerdegaal
The Awakened by Nerkin Macro by little-more
Flame witch by Eva-Milan Harley Quinn Wallpaper Remastered by Kiba-lnuzuka
Saentis by RobinHalioua

I hope you enjoyed! Don't forget to :+fav: to support all the amazing artists here! And check out their other work!

A collection of works that touched me some way or another in the past few weeks.
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